Main references

HeatConsult OÜ’s main references:


- Balticconnector (Kiili-Paldiski) D-category gas pipeline preliminary design project 
– client: Elering AS
– technical details: length ca 54 km, DN700, MOP 55 bar
– location: Estonia; parishes of Kiili, Saku, Saue, Keila, and the cities of Keila and Paldiski
– execution: 2012 – 2017

- Design projects of LNG and CNG plants and tank stations
– client: Eesti Gaas AS, JetGas OÜ
– technical details: capacity of LNG plants up to 2000 m3
– location: Estonia; Jõelähtme and Paide parishes, and cities of Tallinn, Paide, Võru, Valga, Narva, Pärnu, and Tapa
– execution: 2013 – 2017

- Design project of the reconstruction of the Karksi gas metering station
– client: Elering Gaas AS
– location: Estonia; Karksi parish
– execution: 2015



- Väo-2 CHP plant
– client: Axis Technologies UAB (Lithuania), Biprojektas UAB (Lithuania)
– technical details: capacity 21 MWel, 79 MWth
– location: Tallinn, district of Lasnamäe 
– execution: 2015-2016

- Design of heating, ventilation, steam, water, and sewage piping for the dry and wet feed factory at the Nestle complex, Kaluga region, Russia

– client: OOO Sodis Stroy Rekon
– location: Russia; Kaluga region, p. Vorsino
– execution: 2013 – 2014



- Design project for the reconstruction of the district heating pipelines in Kohtla-Järve, Ahtme, and Jõhvi
– client: VKG Soojus AS
– technical details: length ca 25 km, up to DN400
– location: Estonia; Jõhvi parish, city of Kohtla-Järve
– execution: 2015-2016

- Design project for the reconstruction of district heating pipelines in Tallinn
– client: Tallinna Küte AS
– technical details: length ca 3 km, up to DN250
– location: Estonia; city of Tallinn, district of Põhja-Tallinn
– execution: 2013-2014

- Design project for the reconstruction of the DN1200 district heating pipelines for pre-isolated DN800 in Tallinn
– client: Küte ja Ehitus AS
– technical details: DN800
– location: Estonia; city of Tallinn, district of Lasnamäe
– execution: 2014-2015



- Design project of the ventilation and cooling systems of the official seat of the Government of Estonia – the Stenbock House
– client: Sirkel & Mall OÜ
– location: Estonia; city of Tallinn, district of Kesklinn

– execution: 2014-2015

- Design project of the HVAC, water-sewerage, and gas supply systems for the Kivimäe 32 apartment buildings
– client: Merko Ehitus Eesti AS
– location: Estonia; city of Tallinn, district of Nõmme
– execution: 2014-2015